How to Get Modern Warship Mod APK on Scarlet iOS App

How to Get Modern Warship Pro APK on Scarlet iOS App

Modern Warship is perfect for those who love war-based video games, which provide a very realistic war experience. It includes all necessary war supplies such as jets, helicopters, aircraft, and other weapons. Further, it also has the equipment to spy on your enemies, like a telescope and map. In other words, this game has all the essential equipment to provide you with a real-world war experience.

However, most features are only available in the pro version. But don’t panic, because the Modern Warship pro has all the premium features. These paid resources include unlimited gold and ammo, unlocked ships, and a multiplayer defense system.

Moreover, using this apk will protect you from all damages. However, installing pro of Modern Warship on iOS devices is bit difficult. But in this guide, I’ll guide you how to get this game on Scarlet iOS to enjoy every premium item freely on iPhone and iPhad.

Top Unlocked Features in Modern Warship 

Unlimited Money and Gold

Gold is a virtual currency used in the Modern Warship APK, which allows you to purchase paid items like premium ships. Although there are some free ways to earn gold, such as killing opponent ships, these methods do not provide enough gold. However, with the pro version of the game, you can get unlimited gold to access anything you want. 

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Ships are Unlocked

Ships are key elements in the modern warship game, including all essential military vessels. However, the free version does not provide access to premium ships. But don’t worry; in the pro version of Modern Warship it gives you access to over 42 warships that can be used in the game. This means you can use any premium ship without paying anything. 

Unlimited Ammo

This pro apk provides unlimited ammo, which you can use on the battlefield to destroy your enemies instantly. 

Multiplayer Defense 

Since this is a multiplayer game, it can take time to survive attacks from multiple players simultaneously. However, with modern warship pro, it becomes much easier thanks to the multiplayer defense system it provides. By using this system, you will be protected from all multiplayer’s attacks.

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Save From Any Damage

You can play this game fearlessly because this pro version protects you from all damage. This means the modified features of modern warships will save you from all damage while playing the game. So with this version, you can play the game fiercely without worrying about damage from enemies. 

Unlocked Modern Defense System

This version of the Modern Warships APK provides access to modern defense systems. And this system can be used to protect your ship from all kinds of attacks, including missiles and hostile planes.

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Ads Free

This version doesn’t have any ads, which means you can play games without the interruption of unwanted ads. Having no ads during game-play means, there is great chances to enjoy every moment of game.

Other Features of Modern Warships 

Versatile Weapons

The best thing about modern warship games is their versatile weapons. This Modern warship game provides more than 200 different kinds of weapons. For example, this game has guns, rockets, machine guns, missiles, torpedo launchers and many others. And you can use all of these in battle. 

Telescope Tool 

Find the Location of the Enemy with Telescope and Mini Map. The use of telescopes and mini-maps is very important in this game.You can monitor and control your ship’s movements with both of these tools. Further, you can anticipate your opponent’s next move towards your Warship. Utilizing these features can save your ship from future attacks.

Multiplayer Gaming Mode

Multiplayer gaming is supported in almost all top games. Similarly, modern ship APKs also have a multiplayer gaming mode, which enhances the game’s overall experience. You can play with your girlfriend, friends, and other family members worldwide using this mode.

Real World Simulation 

Modern technology has enabled us to develop games similar to real-world scenarios. This game perfectly simulates a real-world war. For example, modern warships include everything from minor to major components of a real war, such as warships, jets, weapons, submarines, radar systems, destroyers, and almost everything else.

 Even the animations are very high quality, resembling those in Hollywood animated movies. Furthermore, this game allows you to develop your war-based learning skills as a captain.

Best Supply for War 

Times had gone when humans only fought with the help of swords and arrows. The modern world has completely different war equipment.For example, now wars are fought with advanced weapons such as missiles, fighter jets, machine guns, submarines, destroyers, rocket launchers, etc.

 Similarly, this game is developed with a similar concept or the same war equipment. In other words, modern warships consist of all these advanced weapons you can use in the game.

Simple and Easy Controls 

Are you thinking about controlling and using these weapons on the battlefield? Is it challenging to play this game? Modern warships have simple and easy controls that allow you to play the game easily.The game interface is also very user-friendly and simple, which allows you to play this game easily. 

Sea-based adventure 

Do you love the sea? Then this game is perfect to match your taste because modern warships are developed around the ocean. This means that all fights of warships will be held at sea, which is a great adventure to enjoy while playing.

Gameplay of Modern Warship

The gameplay of modern warships is incredibly exciting and unique, very similar to real-world simulations. The core concept of this game revolves around commanding various types of warships equipped with modern weaponry like fighter jets, guns, ammo and many others.

Moreover, the game features a map that provides directions for navigation throughout the game world. This game also provides a range of missions and objectives, including escort missions, naval battles, surveillance, or blockade operations. 

My Experience Using Modern Warship Pro APK on Scarlet iOS

Let me tell you about my journey playing this game on an iOS device. Two months ago, a friend recommended Modern Warships to me. Intrigued by their suggestion, I started playing the game.But it could not have a more exciting experience due to the limited features in the free version.

Then, I requested my development team to unlock the paid version for me. Since then, I have been using the Modern Warship pro apk and enjoying all the premium features for free. You can also download it and enjoy the game without paying.

How to Install Modern Warship on Scarlet

  • Launch the Scarlet App on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Select “Import” within the app and choose the Modern Warship IPA File you downloaded.
  • Allow the app to import the IPA file.
  • Once the import is complete, tap “Install” when prompted.
  • Find the game icon on your iOS home screen after installation.
  • Ensure the installed profile’s trustworthiness in Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management.
  • Trust the installed profile.
  • Optionally, activate Developer Mode in Settings > Privacy & Security > Developer Mode (for iOS 16 or later).
How to Install Modern Warship on Scarlet

By following these steps, you’ll successfully install Modern Warship IPA File on Scarlet and ensure a smooth gaming experience on your iOS device.


This game offers an exhilarating gameplay experience that closely resembles real-world warfare. And this version of the game includes all locked weapons that are not available in the free version. But after downloading and installing the Modern Warship pro apk, you’ll get all of these features instantly.

Jason Mitchell
Jason Mitchell (Editor)

Jason Mitchell is a tech writer who loves all things iOS apps and games. He digs deep into how they work and stays updated on the newest tech. When he’s not writing, Jason hones his gaming skills and discovers cool new iOS apps to share with everyone. He wants his writing to help others dive into the exciting world of digital possibilities.

Jason Mitchell
Jason Mitchell (Editor)

Jason Mitchell is a tech writer who loves all things iOS apps and games. He digs deep into how they work and stays updated on the newest tech. When he’s not writing, Jason hones his gaming skills and discovers cool new iOS apps to share with everyone. He wants his writing to help others dive into the exciting world of digital possibilities.

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